Top Features to Look for in HR Software for Sri Lankan Businesses

Struggling to manage your HR tasks and compliance requirements? HR software could be the solution you need. As businesses grow, managing people becomes more complex. Simple tasks like scheduling, and performance management can become time-consuming and that’s where HR software comes in.

The best HR software covers recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, performance management, time tracking, payroll, employee benefits, and compliance. HR software streamlines processes and reduces manual tasks, freeing up time for strategic initiatives like improving company culture and employee wellbeing.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the features of good HR software for your business and how to find the best HR systems in Sri Lanka.

Finding the Perfect HR Software for Your Business in 2024

As businesses grow, from onboarding new employees to managing schedules and keeping employee records updated, everything feels like it takes forever and it might be time to let HR software take over.

Choosing the right HR software is important. Here are the essential features to consider:

1. Top-Notch Security System

HR software should protect sensitive employee information. Choose a cloud-based system with high-security standards, and make sure your data is safe on secure servers with backup power and constant monitoring.

2. HR and Payroll Automation

It’s important to have your HR software integrate seamlessly with payroll. This eliminates double handling and simplifies data management. It helps make data updates automatic and reduces paperwork.

3. Accessibility and Mobility

Your HR software should be accessible from anywhere, on any device. A cloud-based system allows employees to access their information and the employee portal remotely. A free mobile app is a bonus.

4. Onboarding Tools

Good onboarding can make a big difference. Choose HR software that offers paperless onboarding, electronic signatures, and real-time tracking of new employee statuses. It should also allow you to create induction content like welcome videos and company handbooks.

5. Time and Attendance Tracking

Automate time and attendance tracking with digital timesheets and smart rostering. The software should handle various shift patterns and calculate wages, including overtime and penalty rates.

6. Applicant Tracking System

An applicant tracking system simplifies hiring by posting job ads on multiple sites and tracking candidates through the interview process. It helps manage the recruitment process efficiently and stores information on promising candidates for future roles.

7. Performance Management

Streamline performance reviews with templates and automated workflows. A good system will help you develop and track KPIs, making the review process more efficient and valuable for employees.


Choosing the right HR software can lighten your load and streamline your processes. With features like payroll integration, robust security, and employee self-service, you’ll have more time to focus on growing your business.

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