AccSoft ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

AccSoft ERP is an all integrated and smooth management of all of a company’s main financial and business applications, using an integrated mid-market software Enterprise Resource Planning.

It provides a wide range of features covering all aspects of an organisation, from receivable accounts payable accounts and inventory management to an interactive general publication. also provides the features of Manufacturing, engineering and workshops.

AccSoft ERP is prepared to meet the needs of a multi-company, multi-location and multi-department enterprise for financial management.

AccSoft ERP is able to adapt to your organization’s working. You should integrate the existing workflow of your company, while offering effective controls to enhance your financial and organisational management needs.

AccSoft Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. has carried out a comprehensive market study of fifteen years on Concept & Architecture in AccSoft ERP. This global product was created by a team of accountants and IT professionals.

We find special criteria for local customers in our market survey that are not discussed in international packages. Some of these are characteristics such as post-dated cheques, return cheque management, local sales & other tax management. Additionally, customers needed to provide very rigorous user controls that are considered by all AccSoft ERP users. Another significant feature of our Enterprise Resource Planning platform is additional compliance with accounting requirements.

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