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AccSoft HR Management software systems provide a comprehensive solution to streamline your human resources operations. With a range of powerful features, our software simplifies employee management, boosts productivity, and enhances overall HR efficiency. Experience the convenience of our Employee Dashboard, Admin Dashboard, Leave Approval Module, Performance Evaluation Module, Recruitment Module, and OT Approval Module.

Empower your employees with an interactive and user-friendly Employee Dashboard. From accessing personal information to viewing attendance records and managing leave requests, employees can conveniently handle their HR-related tasks in one central location. Our Employee Dashboard promotes self-service and enables employees to stay connected and engaged with their HR data.

With our intuitive Admin Dashboard, HR administrators gain complete control over HR processes. Effortlessly manage employee data, monitor attendance, track leave requests, generate reports, and perform various HR functions with ease. Our Admin Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the entire HR landscape, simplifying decision-making and enhancing HR management efficiency.

AccSoft HR Management software systems offer a robust Leave Approval Module, eliminating the need for manual leave tracking and approval processes. HR administrators can effortlessly manage and approve leave requests, maintain accurate leave records, and ensure compliance with company policies and regulations. Streamline your leave management and create a more transparent and efficient workflow.

Optimize your performance management process with our Performance Evaluation Module. Define performance criteria, set goals, and conduct performance evaluations with ease. Our software allows for seamless tracking and assessment of employee performance, providing valuable insights to enhance productivity, identify training needs, and reward high-performing employees.

Simplify and streamline your recruitment process with the AccSoft Recruitment Module. From job posting to candidate shortlisting, interview scheduling, and applicant tracking, our software helps you efficiently manage the entire recruitment lifecycle. Accelerate your hiring process, attract top talent, and make informed hiring decisions with our powerful Recruitment Module.

Accurately manage and track overtime hours with our OT Approval Module. Automate the approval process, ensure accurate calculations, and maintain compliance with labor regulations. Our software simplifies overtime management, reducing administrative burden and ensuring fair compensation for employees.

Maintain a centralized directory of employee profiles, contact details, and organizational hierarchies for easy reference.

Store and organize important HR documents, policies, and forms in a secure digital library accessible to authorized personnel.

Communicate important announcements, company updates, and memos effectively through a centralized notice board accessible to all employees.

Schedule and manage company-wide or departmental meetings, events, and training sessions with built-in calendar functionality.

Generate standard HR letters such as offer letters, appointment letters, warning letters, and more using pre-defined templates for efficiency and consistency.

Stay informed with automated notifications and email alerts for pending approvals, upcoming events, and important HR tasks.

Enhance productivity by implementing a ticketing system for employees to track and manage their work tasks, allowing for efficient collaboration and streamlined task management.

At AccSoft, we are committed to providing innovative HR solutions that drive efficiency, enhance employee engagement, and streamline HR operations. Our software systems are designed to meet the unique needs of your organization, empowering you to optimize your HR processes and achieve strategic HR goals.

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"We've been using Accsoft Payroll and Attendance for years, and it's been a reliable tool for our business. Their customer support is second to none, consistently exceeding our expectations."
Ms. Renuka
Sujatha Vidyalaya,
"Accsoft Payroll and Attendance software is robust and dependable. What sets them apart is their dedication to customer service. They've been instrumental in resolving any issues promptly."
Mr. Alistair Edirisinghe
Belfour Betty
"Accsoft Payroll and Attendance software is a must-have for any business. Their team's commitment to delivering exceptional services sets them apart in the industry. Highly recommended!"
Mr. Eranga
Premator East
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AccSoft HR Software offers a comprehensive solution to streamline your HR processes, increase productivity, and enhance employee engagement. Experience the power of efficient HR management with AccSoft today. Contact us now at 0773 436 536.
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