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AccSoft Time Attendance software solution offers a seamless and efficient approach to maintaining complex working rules, managing time shifts when creating rosters, calculating work hours, estimating overtime, and more. Say goodbye to laborious manual tasks that consume valuable time. With AccSoft Time Attendance, these tasks are simplified and streamlined.

Our software provides an intuitive platform for managing attendance online, allowing you to effortlessly track employee attendance and monitor their time records. With user-defined leave types, you can easily customize leave policies according to your organization’s requirements. Additionally, our software seamlessly integrates with payroll modules, ensuring a synchronized and error-free process from attendance management to payroll processing.

Maintenance of different shifts and complicated working rules
Calculation of customized over time hours
Multiple companies, departments and job categories
User definable leave types (Annual, Casual, medical, short leave etc..)
Complicated Rosters
Online Attendance Monitor
Integrated to Time Recorders (RFID Proximity Card Reader / Fingerprint Reader / Face Recognition)
Easy integration with AccSoft Payroll module
Any other user definable working rules

Customized Over time (OT normal, OT double or user defined)
Calculation of No Pay days/Leaves
Late Deduction/Early Departures

Head Count and Absentees
Summary reports (Head count, Over Time, Absent etc..)
Over time, Late Attendance and Early Departures
Leave summary and detail reports and many user definable reports

By utilizing AccSoft Payroll solutions, you can achieve hassle-free management of employee time and attendance. Say goodbye to manual attendance tracking, cumbersome roster creation, and tedious calculations. Our comprehensive software solution handles it all, saving you time and effort.

Why Choose AccSoft Time Attendance Software?

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Say goodbye to paper-based attendance tracking. AccSoft Time Attendance offers a user-friendly interface for easily managing employee attendance, leaves, and time records.

Create and manage complex working rules and time shifts effortlessly. Our software allows for flexible customization to align with your organization’s specific requirements.

AccSoft Time Attendance accurately calculates work hours, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring fair compensation for employees.

Customization of overtime rules and calculations is made simple. Our software automates overtime calculations, saving you time.  With OT approval process system regulates and ensures no unauthorised OT hours are paid.

Discover the power of AccSoft Time Attendance software and streamline your employee time and attendance management. Experience the convenience of integrated payroll modules, simplified roster creation, and accurate calculations. Take control of your workforce management with AccSoft solutions.

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"We've been using Accsoft Payroll and Attendance for years, and it's been a reliable tool for our business. Their customer support is second to none, consistently exceeding our expectations."
Ms. Renuka
Sujatha Vidyalaya,
"Accsoft Payroll and Attendance software is robust and dependable. What sets them apart is their dedication to customer service. They've been instrumental in resolving any issues promptly."
Mr. Alistair Edirisinghe
Belfour Betty
"Accsoft Payroll and Attendance software is a must-have for any business. Their team's commitment to delivering exceptional services sets them apart in the industry. Highly recommended!"
Mr. Eranga
Premator East
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