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Are you looking for reliable and cost effective fingerprint solution. Then you are at the right place. We are marketing TimeTr@ck fingerprint readers for more than 10 years. When its comes to biometric fingerprint devices you must purchase a brand which does not give maintenance issues.

We have a happy bunch of customers who doesnt have any issues using our finger scanners. TimeTr@ck biometric devices are so reliable. You can buy our products with utmost confidence. These fingerprint readers can be connected to employee time attendance software and payroll solutions as well. Further you can use it as door access controls to restrict staff movements.

When time is the crucial aspect in each workforce, TimeTr@ck fingerprint is an imperative necessity in each and every management. AccSoft Solutions (Pvt) Ltd is the authorized distributor for TimeTr@ck Time Recorders which mainly deal with fingerprint/ finger scan readers in Sri Lanka with a variety of models to suit the expediency of each valued organization. A tool which can keep a track of the time of employees to track the hours spent working is an advance in the conventional time recording in offices and an innovation that can transform an office ambience into a more organized and an employee-friendly environment.

Also, fingerprint readers help you to avoid buddy punching and thereby reducing unnecessary cosy which may burden your organisation. Fact that these finger scanners can be linked to employee time attendance management software gives you the advantage of knowing your daily employee attendance, OT, no pay records other important employee information at any given time.

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Find below details of fingerprint reader

Time Attendence Device

Details Specification TimeTr@ck S800B - Battery Backup and WIFI (Access Control)

User capacity -Finger 3,000, Cards 10,000
Transaction storage - 100,000
Communications - RS232, RS485, TCP/IP, USB pendrive, WIFI
Identification time - (1:1) <= 0.5s (1:N) <= 1s
FAR - <=0.0001%
FRR - <=0.01%
Power Supply - 12VDC/3A, Built-in Li-battery 3.7V 4000mAh Temperature operating - 0℃---45℃
Humidity operating - 20%---80%
Language - English
Size - 150(L)*145(W)*38.5(H)mm

TimeTr@ck-S800B has the following characteristics on the basis of summarizing 2020/2021 / edition:

- Adopting the high-speed algorithm CPU of the fingerprint INTEL Company, the speed improves by 5 times, processing speeds are up to 500-3000 / second..(Different according to fingerprint quality, identification time is different)
- Latest BioID Anti fake fingerprint sensor, the speed is more quickly, plus the difficult fingerprint manage and 1:1matching ,1:N identification.
- Added automatic measuring when meeting trouble, automatic turn on/off machine, dormancy function, to support the machine run reliably for a long time.
- Added Chinese characters show on attendance machine, it is accurate to guarantee the attendance data.
- The quantity of fingerprint is up to 3000 extendibly, transaction is up to 120000 extendibly, users can choose easily
- TCP/IP network function included.