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AccSoft Payroll software solutions offer smart payroll management where it is convenient and easy to manage employees’ financial records efficiently with many features and facilities. It is a matter of relief to rely on this standard software that complies with the labour laws and regulations in Sri Lanka. Its rapid and automated customization in line with the requirements of the industry where it will be used is one of the reasons why AccSoft Payroll solutions are attractive for purchase.

Optionally the payroll software can be integrated to Employee time attendance and fingerprint / facial recognition system. Payroll system is linked leave approval module as well.

At AccSoft we are committed to giving out the best service to our customers.

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Employee Information

Personal Information with photograph
Employment Details (Designation, Employee status, Date Joined etc…)
Payment Details (Basic Salary, Fixed Allowance, Fixed Deductions etc...)
Employee segregation by department, job category, class and status

Recurring Activity Maintenance

Monthly,Daily salary facility
Salary advance facility
Over Time
No Pay deductions
Staff Loan maintenance
Maintenance of fixed allowance/deductions and variable allowance/deductions
Lumpsum (Bonus) payments


Multi company maintenance
Customized Pay Slip with company logo
Advance Employee search
Pay method settings (Cash, Cheque and Bank Transfer)
Temporary salary posting facility to generate temporary reports
Permanent salary posting to close the month and generate the final reports
Ability to hide company allowances, deductions and over time columns to generate dummy report
Generate text file for online bank transfer for multiple bank accounts
SLIPS (electronic remittance) for Net Salary/Salary Advance/Bonus/EPF/ETF

Staff Loans

Unlimited no of Loans creations (eg: Festival Loan, Vehicle Loan, Housing Loan etc..)
Auto loan deductions by no of installments
Loan write off facility
Loan maintenance by department, job category and loan types

Auto Calculations

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) - (8% and 12% or custom defined)
Employee Trust Fund (ETF) - (3% or custom defined)
Mercantile Service Provident Society (MSPS) - (10% and 15% or custom defined)
PAYE Tax calculation
Over Time calculation by 1.0,1.5,2.0 or custom defined


Employee Information
Salary Sheet
Salary Reconcilation
Payroll Summary & Payroll Summary comparison
Over Time claims
Allowance (Fixed & Variable)
Deductions (Fixed & Variable)
Salary Advance
Staff loan Summary & Details
No Deductions
EPF,ETF,PAYE and other statutory reports
Gratuity Report
Pay Slips
Signature Sheet
Payroll Summary
Salary Journal
And many more user defined reports...